The gracious Swami Raj regularly enjoys Good Karma as a result of his Bait Enchantment efforts. Though he accepts no compensation for these actions, The Universe rewards him regularly for being a positive force in the world by favoring him with seemingly serendipitous occurrences. Exciting job offers, rare items, better health and greater wealth can't help but be attracted to Swami Raj due to his Positive Karmic Balance.

Always wishing to share his good fortune, Swami Raj now offers you the opportunity to experience this for your self! When you make a deposit in the First Virtual Bank of Good Karma, you also become a positive force in the world! As your Positive Karmic Balance grows, your desires are sure to be met, often in surprising and unexpected ways! By thinking these positive thoughts, then putting your energy into sharing them here, you set up Good Vibrations! And just as one tuning fork can cause another to vibrate in harmony, so to will The Universe respond to your efforts.

It matters not whether you hold a spiritual or scientific view of how The Universe works. Regardless of your belief that you control your destiny, or your belief in a God or Gods above, you will have positive results, as this is how Karma works.

A simple expression of Gratitude or Thanks is all it takes! 

Here are some examples:
- Thank drivers that use their blinker, don't use their horn and graciously let you merge
- Let the Universe know that you appreciate your good health
- Thank the Baby Sitter for staying late when you had car trouble
- Share encouragement for someone less fortunate
- Thank your friend who bought you lunch when you forgot your wallet
- Let your parents know how grateful you are to have been born

No deposit is too big or too small. There is no wrong way to make a deposit, as long as your intentions are positive. The more deposits you make, the greater your Positive Karmic Balance will be. There are no limits and again, Swami Raj permits no fees to be collected for this service.

Express your Attitude of Gratitude with a deposit in the First Virtual Bank of Good Karma Today!


0 #6 Roger Leeper 2017-05-01 10:22
I am grateful today for my first cup of coffee, the one that eases my transition back to consciousness.
0 #5 Roger Leeper 2017-01-02 16:22
Thanks to 2016 for all the lessons!
0 #4 Roger Leeper 2016-09-01 00:05
Thankful for all of the lessons you patiently taught me. Happy Birthday, Esther!
0 #3 Roger Leeper 2015-10-27 12:32
+1 #2 Roger Leeper 2015-06-01 11:47
Thanks to all who have voted for me so far in the Mission Main Street contest!


Thanks tenfold to those who share!
+1 #1 Roger Leeper 2015-05-25 20:39
Thanks to my darling bride Jeannee, Guillermo Guerrero, Tom Foley, Wade Taylor, Michael Gomez, Mike Haines, Jeff Dann, Dwayne Britton, Carson Hiners, and Leeper the Younger - my son Justin for their encouragement and help in refining my grant proposal.

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