The mystical Swami Raj, Certified Bait Psychic has successfully enchanted tons of bait for the benefit of anglers around the world.. at no cost to them! His powerful, telepathic mind-control techniques are discretely brought to bear upon the unsuspecting bait, which is then 'zapped' with positive, fish-catching vibes! 

  • Some may give a man a fish, and that can help him for a short while

  • Others may teach a man to fish so he can help himself, a greater gift indeed

  • But only Swami Raj will Enchant that man's Bait so the Bait will Catch More Fish!

Enchanted Bait Will Catch More Fish!

We Couldn't Say It if It Wasn't True!

If you ask the humble Swami Raj why he never charges fishermen for enchanted bait, he will sweetly smile and softly say,

"Do Not Worry - Ours is an Abundant Universe"


You no longer have to make an arduous pilgrimage to Key West to get your bait enchanted. To give thanks for his abundance, Swami Raj now offers Complimentary Bait Enchantment online. Don't risk coming back from your next fishing trip empty handed! Get your bait enchanted and start catching more fish today! 

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